usic before 1600, unlike Baroque music, leads a niche existence in concert programs and festivals worldwide.

The Basel region has a unique potential of musicians with expertise in practice and research for this music. With the world’s leading early music college, the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, initiated 90 years ago by Paul Sacher, Basel became a hotspot for early music.

Many of these musicians live in the Basel region, but most of them travel abroad on business for concerts; they are seldom heard in Basel itself.

ReRenaissance offers them a platform in their own city.

Musiker:innen von ReRenaissance – Probe 2109 Catherine Motuz, Ann Allen, Giovanni Graziadio, Susanna Defendi, Katharina Haun, Barfüsserkirche

Concerts 2024


Continental Connection

The Robert Dow partbooks
Sun 24.03.24


Ad narragoniam

Music in the ship of fools
Sun 28.04.24 Intro 17:45 Concert 18:15

Historical Museum Basel


Jouissance vous donneray

A picture comes to life
Sun 26.05.24 18:15

Historical Museum Basel