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ince the middle of the last century, Basel has played a pioneering role internationally in the rediscovery of Baroque music. Almost unnoticed by the public, a world-leading scene for Renaissance music is now developing in Basel. ReRenaissance forms a platform for this scene and thus sets an important building block in the foundation for the “Music City Basel”.

Music before 1600 can be experienced again every month and is experiencing a kind of re-renaissance. The project is supported by musicians who are renowned for their Renaissance expertise, who came to Basel thanks to the charisma of the Schola Cantorum, who mostly travel internationally, and who enjoy being able to perform in their own region.

In a further steps, ReRenaissance 2022 successfully ventured into other Swiss cities for the first time with the December program “Noël normand” and 2023 could very successfully present the first international renaissance music in Basel. The ReReniassance festival now is scheduled for every second year, the next will take place around 18th to 21st of September 2025.

More than 70 professional musicians present new programs of early music in specially formed ensembles under changing musical direction.

Under the hands of these expert:ins, instruments come to life that often seem familiar from illustrations of the time, including viols, early violins, rebec, fiddle, lute, percussion, transverse and recorder, zinc, shawm, trombone, early keyboard instruments – and, of course, singing.

Every last Sunday of the month, Basel’s young concert series gives Renaissance music a kind of “rebirth.” The one-hour, innovative programs will take place in the Barfüsserkirche of the Historisches Museum Basel, in the hub of the old town, at 6:15 p.m. each evening.

From 17:30-17.50 there is, whenever possible, an introduction to the topic by a specialist directly in the Barfüsserkirche.

In September, the first ReRenaissance Festival will take place in Basel: during a long weekend, everything will revolve around Maximilian’s triumphal procession and the representation of the musicians of the court on the chariots the monumental picture frieze and the importance of music for him and his kingdom.

Liza Sommers, violin, Concert Crew, Xenia Lemberski, editorial, Theresa von Bibra, internal communications, HR, Vivianne Caragea, social media, Concert Crew © Elisabeth Stähelin




n 2023, ReRenaissance ventures a first festival! Planned as a biennial.
Goal: The hotspot for Renaissance music Basel should receive a worthy vessel: The overall experience of a special kind allows the roots of the culture in the Renaissance to be experienced anew.

A plus to the Basel, national and international representation as a Renaissance city of today.