"Allegory of the court of Isabelle d'Este", Lorenzo Costa, 1505–1506 © Louvre, Paris



eRenaissance is Basel’s forum for early music, designing and premiering new concert programmes each month. A changing rotation of artistic directors create unique, newly-formed ensemble constellations built from a cast of musical stars from the Basel region. Since its founding in 2020, ReRenaissance has welcomed more than 100 different musicians to its stage and created almost 50 concerts. Each of these signature programmes illuminate a specific time, place and story. Together, they begin to build a picture of “music before 1600”.

Basel has become a hotspot for early music thanks to the past 90 years of historical performance instruction at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis; Renaissance music is here experiencing a new Renaissance. Through this platform, today’s audiences can experience firsthand the sight and sound of instruments from a lost world, such as the lute, viols, zinc, shawm, and early keyboard instruments, to name just a few.

The forum serves an important function by supporting musician networking and collaborations with academics, instrument makers, dancers, and actors. It also strengthens bonds with local institutions having ties to Renaissance Basel, such as the Historical Museum on Barfüsserplatz, the site of monthly concerts; the Haus zum Hohen Dolder, where rehearsals and social events are held; and the Basel Paper Mill. where our yearly flyer is printed.


Every last Sunday of the month at 18:15, ReRenaissance premieres a new concert in the heart of the old town. These concerts are free and open to the public, thus making this unique experience available to all, regardless of financial position. A pay-what-you-can collection is taken at the end of the concert; the suggested amount is CHF 40.

ReRenaissance’s first Festival was launched in 2023, where Basel was treated to a weekend with 10 concerts, 5 lectures, and numerous city events. Emperor Maximilian’s monumental work, the Triumphal Procession from the early 16th century, provided the framework to explore the festival theme “Music and Power”.

The 2nd ReRenaissance Festival on 26–28 September 2025 will summon Orpheus and his lyre, the shepherdess with her song, and the bliss of paradise in “Arcadia.” More information coming soon.

ReRenaissance has also started performing in other festivals and concert series beyond Basel, offering its rich assortment of past programmes to interested groups as Concert Exports. Contact us for more information.

An enthusiastic audience has developed around the ReRenaissance initiative, which continues to thrive thanks to our loyal public and the generous support of our partner foundations.


Who is ReRenaissance?

Ivo Haun, Marc Lewon, Catherine Motuz, Elizabeth Rumsey, Tabea Schwartz, Thomas Christ

Board: Ivo Haun, Prof. Dr. Marc Lewon, Catherine Motuz, Elizabeth Rumsey, Tabea Schwartz, Dr. Thomas Christ, Dr. Werner Baumann

Managing Director: Holly Scarborough

Advisors: Anne Smith, Christina Hess, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. David Fallows, Prof. Dr. Martin Kirnbauer, Dr. Grace Newcombe, Annette Schindler, Elisabeth Stähelin

Administration: Theresa von Bibra, Xenia Lemberski

Graphics: Lian Stähelin, Hape Mueller

Social Media: Vivianne Caragea

Video: Grace Newcombe, Manuel Maio, Andrew Burn

Website: Elisabeth Stähelin

ReRenaissance is a recognized non-profit association based in Basel.

ReRenaissance Festival organizers: Holly Scarborough, Marc Lewon, Catherine Motuz © Elisabeth Stähelin

Elizabeth Sommers, Xenia Lemberski, Theresa von Bibra, Vivianne Caragea © Elisabeth Stähelin