Media review

SRF “Frölich Wesen” SRF In Concert Frölich Wesen

SRF “Cantate” SRF How to celebrate Christmas To concert Cantate

BBC “Frölich Being” BBC Frölich Being

Editorial Office Program Newspaper For Advent Calendar Old New 2021

BAZ “Odhecaton” Paper Museum Baz to listen and press 2021 03

SRF program context: Tabea Schwartz and Jenny Berg

Telebasel “Grünewald’s Violin” When Renaissance Art Begins to Sound 2022 04

SRF Kulturkompakt with Jenny Berg (from minute 5:10): To the Grünewald and great violin

SRF Musikmagazin with Florian Hauser (from minute 47:21) LSD/Muttercorn/Greenwood

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