Noël normand - Rouen 1474 Singing member

Noël normand - Rouen 1474 Singing member

Collage 1547 Elisabeth Rumsey Lian Liana Stähelin ReRen

What is what?

Match the numbers, that gives the order for the letters before the word and send the the solution word to 🙂 to


U Cristofano Malvezzi, born 1547

! Hernán Cortés died 1547

M The Lamentation of a Sinner (Catherine Parr)

E Vittoria Colonna deceased 1547

N Battle of Mühlberg: Emperor Charles V defeats the Lutheran troops of the Schmalkaldic League.

A King Francis I of France deceased 1547

T Duchy of Brittany united with the Kingdom of France, Château de Chambord finished

A Miguel de Cervantes, born 1547

N Henry II King of France, from 1547

H Henry VIII of England, deceased 1547

F Grand Duke Ivan IV (Ivan the Terrible) first tsar of Russia, from 1547

M Pietro Bembo deceased 1547

M First book in Lithuanian, a catechism

O Biblia Vulgata lovaniensis

E Dodecachordon (Henricus Glareanus) In Basel

Lasso to sing along - Project May 2022

A project choir sang three songs in concert together with the vocal quartet – from original notation. The tutorial video helps in familiarization and preparation. Switch to YouTube to access individual tracks directly with the minutage.


Matona mia cara chorus

Matona Mia Cara Parts

In Mayen Parts

In Mayen Score

O La, O Che Bon Eccho Parts

Project Lasso Sing Along Tutorial Video

Lasso to sing along tutorials

Two clips from the concert May 2022

In Mayen, Orlando di Lasso

Concert clip with project choir from concert “Im Mayen”, May 2022

Matona mia cara – Orlando di Lasso

Concert clip “Matona mia cara” with project choir, from the program May 2022

Sing Along Project Dec 2022


Music: Cantate Domino – Adam Gumpelzhaimer (1559-1625) from “Cantate!” 27.12.20

Image: from “Officium natalis Christi”, Orlando di Lasso


Concert Cantate! (Livestream 12/27/2020)
Barfüsserkirche Basel

Canon “Cantate Domino” Adam Gumpelzhaimer

Sing-along Canon “Cantate Domino” Adam Gumpelzhaimer, from “Cantate!”, December 2020