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Biennale ReRenaissance 2023

The donkey crown

All in a Garden Green

Dialogue of the keys II

Dialogue of the keys II

Songs without words

Canti C

Singing with Vicentino’s organ

Noël normand Rouen 1474

Un Noël normand Rouen 1474

Noël normand Rouen 1474

Transeamus: to Bethlehem!

Freshly pinched

Sooner or later

Singing with the flute!

Du Fay

Psalmy Dawida

In Mayen

Grünewald’s great violin

La Margarite

Canti B

Reopening Gaffurius’ Libroni

Advent calendar 2021

Un niño nos es naçido

Chantez gayement

Canziones para menestriles

Keys dialog

Ite, sospiri …

Happy Birthday, Henry!

Misura, Memoria …

Pren de bon cuer


Paper, Ink, and Pen

Video premiere Frölich being


Nowell, nowell

Il Capriccioso

He who howls with wolves

Winds and Waves

Unheard of from the Loire Valley

Frölich essence

Mary already