Le Diamante et la Marguerite

Trumpf 2
Sat 23.09.23 Intro 14:15 Concert 15:00

Schmiedenhof; Rümelinsplatz, Basel

The combination of transverse flute and drum was a popular ensemble in the time of Maximilian, and it is still seen today in the Basel Fasnacht. Ensemble Phaedrus, with four transverse flutes, Renaissance side drum, and voice, presents a program of French and Burgundian songs and dances, including the very beginnings of instrumental consort music such as is found in the Augsburger Liederbuch, the Leopold Codex, the basse-danse manuscript of Marguerite of Austria, and the Linz fragments. Experience firsthand the diversity and beauty of these musical pieces, which will take you on a beautiful journey into the past.

Miriam Trevisan – voice | Massimiliano Dragoni – percussion| Mara Winter, Darina Ablogina, Luis Martinez Pueyo und Charlotte Schneider – Renaissance flute consort | Mara Winter – direction



Dialogue of Keys II

Ammerbach with a Double M (and Voice)
Sun 30.04.23 Intro 17:45 Concert 18:15


All in a Garden Green

Dance Melodies ... for Listening and Watching
Sun 28.05.23 concert 18:15

Historical Museum Basel


The Donkey’s Crown

Animals & Creatures Invite You to the Finissage
Sun 25.06.23 Intro 17:45 Concert 18:15

Historical Museum Basel


Biennale ReRenaissance 2023

Music and Might - Maximilian's Triumphal Procession
Fri 22.09.23 Grand Opening Concert 19:30

Historical Museum Basel

Maximilian’s Songs

Fri 22.09.23 Intro 18:45 Concert 19:30

Historical Museum Basel

Triumphal procession

Trump 3
Sat 23.09.23 Intro 18:30 Concert 19:30

St. Martin's Church Basel


Trump 4
Sun 24.09.23 Intro 10:15 Concert 11:00

Martinskirche, Basel

Pfiffer & Prosoner

Trump 5
Sun 24.09.23 Intro 16:15 Concert 17:00

Martinskirche, Basel



The Musical World of Felix Platter
Fri 27.10.23 Intro 17:45 Concert 18:15

Historical Museum Basel


ぐるりよざ Gururiyoza!

Over the Seas with Music
Sun 26.11.23 17.45 Intro 18:15 Concert

Barfüsserkirche Historical Museum Basel