Going to Mass with Maximilian

Triumph 4; ReRenaissance Canterey
Sun 24.09.23 Concert 11:00 Q&A 12:10

Martinskirchplatz, Basel

Musica Canterey Graz Edition

Musica Canterey


he centerpiece of Maximilian’s court orchestra was the “Canterey”, a group of singers who provided the bulk of court music: they not only entertained the innermost court privately with new songs, but also participated in official occasions. Many of the singers composed themselves and thus supported the courtly song production. From 1497, however, Heinrich Isaac, an official court composer, joined the chapel and his work outshone all others: in the Triumphal Procession chariot of “Musica Canterey” he stands in front of the singers in a venerable place and crowned with laurels. 36 mass compositions have come down to us from him, some of them based on well-known songs already heard at ReRenaissance, such as “J’ay pris amours”, “Comme femme” or “La Spagna”, as well as several hundred settings of the mass liturgy.

A special festival mass will be performed on Sunday morning when the singers of ReRenaissance join forces as “Musica Canterey” for a polyphonic mass by Heinrich Isaac. Motets from Isaac’s “Choralis Constantinus,”, delivered to Constance in 1508, complete the programme. Also appearing for the first time in Basel: Maximilian’s famous golden Apfelregal, brought in from Austria for the festival.

Canterey ReRenaissance:

Miriam Trevisan – voice
Tessa Roos – voice
Jacob Lawrence – voice
Raitis Grigalis – voice
Jan Kuhar – voice
David Munderloh – voice
David Blunden – Apfelregal organ; co-direction
Grace Newcombe – voice; co-direction
Marc Lewon – co-direction

Following the concert (12:10 – 12:40), Christian Kögler of Kögler-Orgelbau will show details of the Apfelregal and answer questions from the audience.

Festival Overview

Maximilian at mass; Hans Weiditz the Younger, c 1515 woodcut



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