From Felix Platter's musical life
Fri 27.10.23 Theme 17:45 Concert 18:15

Historical Museum Basel

«Alkanna Tinctoria Färber Alkanna» Aus Dem Herbarium Des Felix Platters, Burgerbibliothek Bern, BBB ES 70.5 (183)

Glickhaftig! - From Felix Platter's musical life


n 1536, just in time for the autumn fair, a child was born at Petersberg in Basel who was to make a name for himself in later years as the city’s doctor: Felix Platter. His research on anatomy, psychiatry and also his epidemiological reports at the time of the Basel plague made him one of the most important sons of the city beyond his death in 1614.

But Felix was much more than just a physician. Already during his studies in Montpellier he received the nickname “l’Alemandt du lut”. His “dumbed-down” transcriptions of French chansons and Italian madrigals from this same period represent a special musical-philological treasure.

The focus of this concert is the musical side of this universal scholar from Basel, which is once again allowed to blossom with singing, lute, viola da gamba and recorder.

Hans Bock: Porträt von Felix Platter, 1585. Sammlung der Universität Basel. Regenzzimmer des Kollegienhauses der Universität Basel.



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