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Melodies to dance along ... or listen and look
Sun 28.05.23 afternoon

Place still open

Renaissance dances from the collection of John Playford


he dance book “The English Dancing Master” was published in London by John Playford only in 1651, but most of the dances it contains are much older; some even appear in Romeo and Juliet (1597) by William Shakespeare, while others can be found even a generation earlier in songs or instrumentals from the time of Queen Elizabeth I.

The notated music sometimes consists of only a single line, sometimes of a polyphonic composition for up to six instruments. The musicians sometimes have to improvise a lot. Tobie Miller and Sam Chapman bring the musician:s together to form a colorful and fun musical band, but sometimes a fiddle, lute, cittern or hurdy-gurdy play alone.
For the first time, ReRenaissance presents a dance-along concert. Véronique Daniels, Basel’s queen of Renaissance dance, offers a workshop for dance enthusiasts.

Véronique Daniels – dance; conducting workshops | Tobie Miller – hurdy-gurdy, voice, recorder; conducting music | Sam Chapman – lute, cittern; conducting music | Liza Sommers – Renaissance violin | Elizabeth Rumsey – bass viola da gamba



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