All in a Garden Green 2

Country Dances ... Listen, Watch and Dance Along!
Mon 29.05.23 16-19 h incl. Apero

Reithalle Wenkenhof, Riehen

Renaissance dances from John Playford's collection (with the option to dance along!)


concert that moves…

Specialists in Renaissance and folk music will perform Renaissance dance music in the Reithalle of the Wenkenhof in Riehen. Come join the fun! Véronique Daniels, Basel’s “Queen” of Renaissance dance, will come with a ReRenaissance dance workshop group and lead the afternoon’s entertainment. Concert attendees will have the chance to spontaneously join in certain dances.

All prices include an Apero.

Adult price: CHF 50
Family with 2 adults and x children under 18: CHF 80
Family with 1 adult and x children under 18: CHF 50
Ages 18–26: CHF 25
Kulturlegi: CHF 25

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 Tobie Miller – hurdy-gurdy, voice, recorder; musical direction | Sam Chapman – lute, cittern; musical direction | Elizabeth Sommers – Renaissance violin | Elizabeth Rumsey – bass viola da gamba

Dance Ensemble “The Basel Merry-go-round”: Marie Delorme, Annelise Ellars, Akira Fukushima, Matthew Gajda, Kaho Inoue, Barbara Leitherer, Noam Lelior, Alice Letort, Martin Meier, Paul Poupinet, Breno Quinderé, Tessa Roos, Valentin Schima, Caroline Sordia, Silvia Witzig
Participants from the May 13 Workshop
The Audience
Direction: Véronique Daniels

Further information: or 079 7448548

MS-M.1211, Morgan-Library-NY. Frankreich c1555.


Workshop Country Dances Renaissance


Why I’ll be there …
David Fallows

Perhaps it has to do with Shakespeare and his history plays, but seventeenth-century England seems to have had a truly exceptional sense of history. That is part of the reason why various anthems of Tallis and Byrd have to this day an uninterrupted singing tradition since Elizabethan times. And so it was that John Playford’s The English Dancing Master of 1651 included a significant proportion of dances that go back to the sixteenth century; and these earlier dances will be the focus of the May concert.

This was probably the first music book that Playford published (up to that point he had specialised in political leaflets in support of the Stuart dynasty, as a result of which a warrant was issued for his arrest in 1649 after the execution of Charles I). But it was by far the most successful book in his mostly successful publishing career: it went through at least eighteen editions through the career of his son Henry (d. 1709) and on through to 1728, well into the reign of George II. But it is this long-distance view of national history that will give the concert its extra interest.

In addition, if you wish to ‘trip it as ye go/ On the light fantastick toe’ (as Milton put it in L’allegro) Véronique Daniels and her team are there to coach you – first on Saturday 13 May in Falknerstrasse 36 in Basel, and then in the second concert, on Whit Monday in Reithalle of Wenkenhof, Riehen.



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