Dialogue of the keys II

Ammerbach with double m (and singing)
Sun 30.04.23 Theme 17:45 Concert 18:15

Organ and instrument tablature by Elias Nikolaus Ammerbach (1530 - 1597), Leipzig, 1571, private collection,

"Dialogue of the Keys II" Ammerbach with double m


he ReRenaissance concert in August 2021 presented music for harpsichord or organ from the collection of Bonifacius Amerbach; Dialogue of the Keys II presents a similarly central collection from the next generation: the first printed book of organ music in Germany, collected by the organist Elias Nikolaus Ammerbach and published in 1583. The book has many parallels to Bonifacius Amerbach’s collection, with arrangements of a colorful range of genres, sacred and secular, French, German and Italian, instrumental and vocal.

This concert offers a unique opportunity to collaborate with another house of the Historisches Museum Basel; Jörg-Andreas Bötticher will play the table organ “Ab Yberg”, which is housed in the Basel Instrument Museum. Built in Augsburg in 1566/78, the instrument comes from the family chapel of St. Sebastian “Im Grund” of the Ab Yberg family in Schwyz. The organ will alternate with a small harpsichord from the mid-16th century that will accompany some of the original songs by Orlando di Lasso, Ludwig Senfl, Clemens non papa and others.

Jörg-Andreas Bötticher – organ; conductor | Maria Morozova-Meléndez – harpsichord/virginal | voice

Table organ Ab Yberg ⓒ Historical Museum Basel, Maurice Babey



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