Great violin according to Grünewald


“Grünewald’s large violin ”

Basel, 1511: Sebastian Virdung publishes his “Musica getutscht” with descriptions of all kinds of instruments, including the bowed, fretted great violin. Basel, 2021: A gift makes it possible to build a large violin based on a depiction by Matthias Grünewald. Musician and instrument maker Jacob Mariani reconstructs for ReRenaissance the historical instrument based on the Isenheim Altar in Colmar. ReRenaissance is embarking on an experiment: It is still open how the instrument will influence today’s musical practice. To the first
This is the first time this great violin will be heard in a festive program: Opening with secular songs from Grünewald’s youth, religious works from the 1510s and a German motet by the Basel composer Ludwig Senfl follow. The end of Grünewald’s life must have been marked by the advent of the Reformation and the Peasants’ Wars, a time of upheaval that informs the conclusion of the program.

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Talk with Jacob Mariani, Luthier Grünewald-Grossgeige

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