Table Organ From Yberg

Table organ “Ab Yberg”, Unsigned, Southern Germany(?) end of 16th century, modified in 18th century.

Range 38 keys (F-a2, without F-sharp, G-sharp and g-sharp2), four stops: 4′ stopped, principal 2′ (in the facade), fifth 1 1/3′, cymbal single 1/2′ (from f rep. in 1′, from a1 in 2′); all pipes metal, tuning a1=445 Hz, tuning medium-tone.

The three-part facade ends with gilded carving at the top. On the sides and back the case bears grisaille painting in Renaissance style. It shows clear signs of reconstruction from the 18th century; in the process, the originally installed reed stop may have been replaced by the fifth 1 1/3′. The two wedge bellows lie horizontally behind the instrument. An inscription underneath the keyboard refers to the 150th anniversary of the foundation. Psalm: LAUDATE DOM[INUM] IN CHORDIS ET ORGANA [sic] PS[ALMUS] CL.The instrument comes from the family chapel St. Sebastian “Im Grund” of the Ab Yberg family in Schwyz (built 1566-1578) and was probably used for private devotions. Before it was offered for sale, it belonged to the private collection of Heinrich Schumacher in Lucerne (died 1921). (R. Hofmann)

Meet the Historic “Ab Yberg” Organ

April 30, 2023: Jörg-Andreas Bötticher, Ab Yberg organ, Jessica Jans, soprano, Maria Morozova- Meléndez, spinettino . Video Andrew Burn, cut Grace Newcombe.

The history of the table organ “Ab Yberg

Video of the Historical Museum Basel about the Ab Yberg organ with Isabel Münzner (Music Museum).



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