Ottawa, Canada

I studied at McGill University and graduated with a B. Mus. in trombone and composition, then graduated with an M. Mus. in Early Music (Dominique Lortie) before studying at the Schola Cantorum (Charles Toet) from 2004 to 2007.

I am a freelance historical trombonist and teach at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis. I am also a scholar, conducting research on ideas of expression in the 1500s and historical improvisational pedagogy.

I was very shy in my childhood, and singing in the choir and playing in the band helped me discover important ways to connect with others.

Elective Affinities
I grew up canoeing on the lakes and rivers of Canada and now enjoy kayaking on the ocean – bringing me back to my roots, but with a new sense of adventure.

One more thing
If I had to pick a defining CD, it would be “Spring Any Day Now” and other Concerto Caledonia recordings that have taught me that as a musician:in, above all, you must learn to listen.

What other question would you ask yourself?

Why early music? While studying to be a modern musician and composer, I became interested in the creative collaboration between performer:s and composer:s and the blurring of the lines between their roles. In early music, this creative collaboration happens naturally and sympathetically: The composer works out ideas, but then gives the performer the freedom and responsibility to transform them into sound.

La Margarite 2022 March
Reopening Gaffurius’ Libroni 2022 January
Canziones para menestriles 2021 September



Dialogue of Keys II

Ammerbach with a Double M (and Voice)
Sun 30.04.23 Intro 17:45 Concert 18:15


All in a Garden Green

Dance Melodies ... for Listening and Watching
Sun 28.05.23 concert 18:15

Historical Museum Basel


The Donkey’s Crown

Animals & Creatures Invite You to the Finissage
Sun 25.06.23 Intro 17:45 Concert 18:15

Historical Museum Basel


Biennale ReRenaissance 2023

Music and Might - Maximilian's Triumphal Procession
Fri 22.09.23 Grand Opening Concert 19:30

Historical Museum Basel

Maximilian’s Songs

Fri 22.09.23 Intro 18:45 Concert 19:30

Historical Museum Basel

Le Diamante et la Marguerite

Trumpf 2
Sat 23.09.23 Intro 14:15 Concert 15:00

Schmiedenhof; Rümelinsplatz, Basel

Triumphal procession

Trump 3
Sat 23.09.23 Intro 18:30 Concert 19:30

St. Martin's Church Basel


Trump 4
Sun 24.09.23 Intro 10:15 Concert 11:00

Martinskirche, Basel

Pfiffer & Prosoner

Trump 5
Sun 24.09.23 Intro 16:15 Concert 17:00

Martinskirche, Basel



The Musical World of Felix Platter
Fri 27.10.23 Intro 17:45 Concert 18:15

Historical Museum Basel


ぐるりよざ Gururiyoza!

Over the Seas with Music
Sun 26.11.23 17.45 Intro 18:15 Concert

Barfüsserkirche Historical Museum Basel