Viola da gamba


I did my first master’s degree in classical piano at the Amsterdam Conservatory, followed by a bachelor’s degree in viola da gamba at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, and a master’s degree in viola da gamba at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis.

At the moment I am mainly active as an artist. I also enjoy teaching and have a small but very active class.

Is there anything else in the world? Joking aside: For me it was always clear that I would make music. Not so much because of the career itself, but because of the ambition it takes to constantly improve, research and find new solutions to various problems. For me, this was only possible with 100% commitment, and that’s why I chose this path.

Elective Affinities
I can definitely say that there was one concert that changed my life: the first time I heard a viola da gamba in a concert. I immediately went home to look for what kind of instrument it was and couldn’t stop myself until I found one and figured out what I could do with it.

Something else
What does living in Basel bring to your musical development? Apart from the obvious reason that it brought us all here (Schola), I really enjoy being in Basel as a freelancer. Sometimes I look around at the rehearsals and admire the quality of the colleagues that surround me, each:r with their individual creativity in search of a common sound and result.

Sooner or later 2022 September




From Felix Platter's musical life
Fri 27.10.23 Theme 17:45 Concert 18:15

Historical Museum Basel


ぐるりよざ Gururiyoza!

With music across the seas
Sun 26.11.23 17.45 Intro 18:15 Concert

Historical Museum Basel