voice, medieval harps and Clavicymbalum

I grew up in the south of England, near Stonehenge and the cathedral city of Salisbury.

I studied musicology at the University of Oxford. In Basel, I completed two courses of medieval studies at the Schola Cantorum, while also earning my doctorate at the University of Southampton.

I have a happy mix of performing, vlogging and mediating. I sing and perform music from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and in addition to directing local choirs and giving voice lessons, I have taught a course on polyphony from the Tudor and Elizabethan eras at the Schola Cantorum in recent years. I also manage the production of the monthly video blogs for the ReRenaissance concert series.

As a young chorister at Salisbury Cathedral, I fell in love with Renaissance polyphony, and after that I never stopped singing early music.

Elective Affinities
I love watching birds and have had a special fondness for birds of prey since I was a kid. When I’m not on stage, you can find me in the forest with my binoculars. – If you could be a bird of your choice, which one would you be? It may not be very glamorous, but I think the seagull is pretty awesome. What other creatures can control land, air and sea? Besides, I could steal fries and ice cream from unsuspecting tourists on the beach – but seagulls don’t sing very well.

Something else
Before the ReRenaissance concert series began, I had sung and studied almost exclusively medieval music in Basel; Renaissance music had faded into the background for a few years. I still specialize in the Middle Ages, but participating in this concert series puts me back in touch with my love of the Renaissance, where my dreams of early music began all those years ago.
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The Bassanos

Homage to the recorder family
Sun 29.09.24 18:15 Concert

Historical Museum Basel


Magnum opus musicum 1604

Tribute to Orlando di Lasso
Sun 27.10.24 18:15 Concert



Du Fay 550

Music for a lifetime
Sun 24.11.24 18:15 Concert

Historisches Museum Basel


Now sing and rejoice

Sing-along Concert
Sun 29.12.24 17:45 Workshop 18:15 Concert