Lute (finger and plectrum), quinterne, Citole, Cetra, Cythara, fiddle, viola da gamba and voice

I was born in Frankfurt am Main, and grew up south of there, in Rodgau, so entirely in Hesse.

First I went to the University of Heidelberg for a master’s degree in musicology, then to the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis (SCB) for lute with minors in fiddle and voice, and finally to Oxford for a doctorate.

For 20 years I was a freelance musician and still am now on the side. The main merit, however, shifted with his appointment at the SCB as professor of lute instruments of the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period. At the same time I play a lot of concerts and do musicological work from time to time.

Curiosity drove me and I found the thought of becoming a musician exciting. A strong urge for freedom moves me to work in a self-determined way. Music always played a big role in my life, although it didn’t have to be early or even early music – but in any case something special or extraordinary. Things just evolved and I followed the path that showed up each time and looked promising. And now I’m where I am, and so far I’ve always been quite pleased with where it’s led me.

Elective Affinities
There were so many smaller and bigger experiences that influenced my career. In the beginning there was perhaps folk music, Beatles and classical music, and the people who brought me to each.

Another thing
From my profession I expect a general satisfaction and a certain degree of fulfillment, which besides the music itself also depends centrally on the people (and a little bit on the places) one surrounds oneself with and has to do with.

(finger and plectrum), quinterne, citole, cetra, cythara, fiddle, viola da gamba and voice

Freshly pinched 2022 October
Psalmy Dawida 2022 June
Grünewalds large violin 2022 April
Canti B 2022 February
Un niño nos es naçido 2021 November
Ite, sospiri 2021 July
Misura, Memoria 2021 May
Pren de bon cuer 2021 April
Nowell, nowell 2020 November
The one howling with wolves 2020 September
Unheard of the Loire Valley 2020 July
Frölich being 2020 June



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