viola d’arco and viola da gamba

I was born in the USA, in Winterset, Iowa.

I studied modern oboe at the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia and at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.
Here’s a nice story about that: the director of the institute in Philadelphia was Rudolf Serkin, and his wife Irene had grown up in Basel, the daughter of Adolf Busch. At a summer festival in Marlboro, she taught me to knit during lunch breaks and always talked about Basel and was sure I would love it. She was right. It was also there, in Marlboro, that I played a private concert for Pablo Casals at his summer home.

After teaching at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis for 37 years, I am now retired. In 2007 I became a historical oboe maker and I still practice this profession, with customers from all over the world. I continue to play viol consort music, mostly in our home, and my husband cooks dinner for those who can stay.

I think it’s in my blood. My parents were both professional musicians, and my great-grandfather was a dentist and violin maker.

Elective Affinities
In 1976, I was hired to play in an oboe band in Saintes, France, under the direction of Michel Piguet. There I met Jordi Savall, and my life changed forever. In 1977 I moved to Basel.

Something else
Life is so interesting because there are countless winding roads.

Paper, Ink, and Pen 2021 February



The Bassanos

Homage to the recorder family
Sun 29.09.24 18:15 Concert

Historical Museum Basel


Magnum opus musicum 1604

Tribute to Orlando di Lasso
Sun 27.10.24 18:15 Concert



Du Fay 550

Music for a lifetime
Sun 24.11.24 18:15 Concert

Historisches Museum Basel


Now sing and rejoice

Sing-along Concert
Sun 29.12.24 17:45 Workshop 18:15 Concert