Recorder and great violin

I was born and raised in Heidelberg. I have been at home in Basel since 2010.

After a multifaceted, musical childhood, I came to the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis at a very young age. Here I specialized in the performance and mediation of early music (including a semester abroad in Stockholm).

My music life looks a little different every day. The permanent components include: ReRenaissance, my recorder students, concerts/recordings at home and abroad, finding new old repertoire, rehearsals with Renaissance and Baroque ensembles, practicing, teaching at various conservatories (Basel, Graz, Cologne, Zurich).

For me it is not a past choice, but a daily choice for music as art, science and craft. Who chooses whom in the process?

Elective Affinities
Right now I’m actually reading Goethe’s Wahlverwandschaften and enjoying narrative art of all kinds. Otherwise, I have a strange talent for finding four-leaf clovers. And I especially like to eat artichokes. 😉

Something else
I prefer to walk and have a few favorite (not only musical) Basel places. These include: The Haus zum Hohen Dolder, the Minster cloister, an old tree near the water tower, the Lohr-Wenzinger Studio and the chancel of the Barfüsserkirche.

Singing with the flute! 2022 August
Grünewalds large violin 2022 April
Canti B 2022 February
Chantez gayement 2021 October
Dialogue of the keys 2021 August
Happy Birthday, Henry! 2021 June
Odhecaton 2021 March
Paper, Ink, and Pen 2021 February
Il Capriccioso 2020 October
Frölich being 2020 June

Dormend’un giorno – Verdelot

From “Il Capriccioso” ● Northern Italian instrumental music a commodo de virtuosi 25.10.2020 ReRenaissance – Forum Early Music
Tabea Schwartz, recorder, one-handed drum, conducting; Mira Gloor, recorder; Rachel Heymans recorder; Catalina Vicens, harpsichord, drum

Il capriccioso – Villano recercada – Claudio Veggi

From “Il Capriccioso” – Northern Italian instrumental music a commodo de virtuosi
2020 October

O felici occhi miei – Ruffo

Concert clip from “Il Capriccioso”- Northern Italian instrumental music a commodo de virtuosi, October 2020

O felici occhi miei – Arcadelt

Concert clip October 2020 “Il Capriccioso” – Northern Italian instrumental music a commodo de virtuosi (recorder, harpsichord)



Ad narragoniam

Music in the ship of fools
Sun 28.04.24 Intro 17:45 Concert 18:15

Historical Museum Basel


Jouissance vous donneray

A picture comes to life
Sun 26.05.24 6.15 pm

Historical Museum Basel


The Bassanos

Homage to the recorder
Sun 29.09.24


Magnum opus musicum 1604

Obituary for Orlando di Lasso
Sun 27.10.24 18:15 Concert



Du Fay 550

Music for a lifetime
Sun 24.11.24 18:15 Concert

Historisches Museum Basel


Now sing and rejoice

Sing-along Concert
Sun 29.12.24 17:45 Workshop 18:15 Concert