Hurdy-gurdy, recorder and voice (soprano)

I was born in Vancouver and grew up in Montreal, in Canada.

I first completed a Bachelor’s degree in Early Music at McGill University in Montreal and then came to the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis for postgraduate and Master’s studies.

I work as a musician, specializing in historical hurdy-gurdy, with a little recorder and singing to round it out (those are the things I’ve actually studied, as there are

even today

not possible to learn hurdy-gurdy at university level). I perform both with my own ensemble, Danguy, and as an invited soloist with other ensembles.

I think it chose me!

Elective affinity
My hobbies revolve a lot around nature and sustainability

being outside, but also creating things in slow actions. When I’m not on tour, for example, you can often find me at the sewing machine.,

“Un Noël normand – Rouen 1474”

Concert from 18.12.2022. Barfüsserkirche, Historical Museum Basel. Video: Oren Krischenbaum

“Demenons tous” Allez regretz (Ghizeghem)

ENGEL “Demenons tous” // Allez regretz – Hayne van Ghizeghem (†1493-7) From “Noël normand” – Rouen 1474 18.12.2022 Barfüsserkirche, Historisches Museum

Nature humaine; Le grant desir – Compere

From the concert Noël normand – Rouen 1474, Basel Barfüsserkirche 18.12. 2022
“Nature humaine”; Le grant desir – Loÿset Compere



Glickhaftig! (BS)

From Felix Platter's musical life (Tour BS, SO, BE)
Fri 08.12.23 Concert 20:15

Historical Museum Basel