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Baptism of Grünewald’s great violin

Concert recording April 2022

In Mayen, Orlando di Lasso

Concert clip with project choir from concert “Im Mayen”, May 2022

Serafino, his Lyre, et Cetera

Vlog July 2021 “Ite sospiri …” – The sounding poetry of Serafino of Aquila (1466-1500).

On Grünewald, dreamy viols, and LSD

Vlog April 2022 on “Grünewalds Grossgeige” – Christening of a special instrument for ReRenaissance

Gaffurius’ Libroni – Mater digna Dei

Gaspar van Weerbeke, Gaffurius Librone 1, fol. 115v-116r

From the concert Reopening Gaffurius’ Libroni – Motets in Milan, January 30, 2022, Barfüsserkirche Historisches Museum Basel

Du Fay – A cappella!

Concert recording July 2022

Canti B – continuation of a secret revolution

Concert recording February 2022

Pressing Matters

Vlog March 2021 on “Odhecaton A ” – One hundred songs that changed the world

Gaffurius’ Libroni – Gloria Credo breves

Concert clip January 2022 from “Reopening Gaffurius’ Libroni” – Motets from Milan

Happy Birthday, Henry! – Royal music

Livestream June 2021 “Happy Birthday, Henry!” – Royal music for the 520th birthday

Paule, Paule dearest stable brother my

Concert clip June 2020, encore from “Frölich Wesen” – Aus dem Liederbuch des Kettenacker, audio: SRF2 (Lars Dölle), video and editing,

Riu Riu Chiu (Cancionero de Uppsala)

Concert clip November 2021 from “Un niño nos es naçido”

Au travail suis

Concert clip July 2020 “Unerhörtes aus dem Loiretal” – New Music from Leuven, Video recording and editing: Fritz Rumpf

Mary already

The first three concerts in 2020 had to be postponed, so this counterfactual by Maria Zart was created, song lyrics with reference to the Corona.

The hat

Short show to March 2022, Véronique Daniels with Burgundy horn hood by Marina Harrington, video Luc Quaglia.

O felici occhi miei – Arcadelt

Concert clip October 2020 “Il Capriccioso” – Northern Italian instrumental music a commodo de virtuosi (recorder, harpsichord)