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Dances for a Princess

Vlog March 2022 on “La Margarite” – Dances for a Princess

Serafino, his Lyre, et Cetera

Vlog July 2021 “Ite sospiri …” – The sounding poetry of Serafino of Aquila (1466-1500).

On Grünewald, dreamy viols, and LSD

Vlog April 2022 on “Grünewalds Grossgeige” – Christening of a special instrument for ReRenaissance

New Words, New Music – Polish Psalmody

Vlog June 2022 on “Psalmy Dawida” – Melodies from the Polish Psalter

Canti B-elieve Petrucci’s made another print

Vlog February 2022 on “Canti B” – continuation of a secret revolution

It’s Advent-ure Time

Vlog November 2021 “Un niño nos es naçido” – Villancicos for pre-Christmas and Advent Calendar ReRenaissance 2021

Du Fay Laid Bare

Vlog July 2022 on “Du Fay” – A cappella!- Script and interviews: Didier Samson; Thumbnail, cutting and editing: Grace Newcombe

The Vulgar Tongues of Psalms and Organs

Vlog October 2021 on “Chantez gayement” – From Geneva to Basel: Sing-along Concert for Reformation Day


Vlog by Marc Lewon January 2020 or June 2020: To the video premiere January 2021 “Frölich Wesen”.

Sneaking a Peek on Dow

Vlog February 2021 on “Paper, Ink, and Pen” – The five voice books of calligrapher Robert Dow: a musical self-portrait (1581/88)

Motets, Libroni, and Guidonian Feet

Vlog January 2022 on “Reopening’ Gaffurius Libroni” – Motets at Milan Cathedral

Pressing Matters

Vlog March 2021 on “Odhecaton A ” – One hundred songs that changed the world

Lasso’s Maypole

Vlog May 2022 about “In Mayen” – Lasso to sing along

The Duke’s Got Wind

Vlog September 2021 on “Canziones para menestriles” – Wind Music in Northern Spain

A Breath of French Aire

Vlog by Mara Winter, April 2021 on “Pren de bon cuer” – Chansons for transverse flute consort from the prints of Pierre Attaingnant (1533).

A Touch of Henry VIII

Vlog June 2021 on “Happy Birthday, Henry!” – Royal music for the 530th birthday

A Reverence to Italian Dance

Vlog May 2021 “Misura, memoria, aiere, mayniera” – The legacy of the Italian dance master Ebreo (500 years).

Singing with the flute! Ganassi’s Fontegara

Vlog August 2022 on “Singing with the flute!” – Sylvestro Ganassis Fontegara

Searching for the Keys

Vlog August 2021 on “Mundus mirabilis domini Amerbachii” – Dialogue of the Keys on Basel, Video by Mara Winter

The Vonderful Vorld of Viols

Vlog September 2022 by Grace Newcombe on “Sooner or later” – Consort 1547

Website Launch has a new look! Short tour of the new website.

A very WOOLLY Renaissance Nativity story

Introduction to the concert Nov. 2022 “Transeamus: to Bethlehem”

Cooperation with the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis and the children’s voices “Oy … Cantemos!”

Rouen 1474 and the Great Swissmas Tour

Rouen 1474 and the great Swiss Christmas tour

In this month’s vlog, learn about the 15th century mystery play that provides a unique, explicit description of how instruments and voices can be “arranged” in the performance of a chanson – amazing! And because there were so many singers and instruments on stage during our concert tour in December, we present you a few of them in detail: the organetto, the rebec, the gittern and the bagpipe.

“Freshly pinched”

VLOG on “Freshly Tweaked” -The Basel Lute Parcours/AbsoLuteLy

October 2022 With Grace Newcombe and Marc Lewon


How to sing to Vicentino’s organ (Vlog)

Video blog about Vicentino by Jonas Wolf; Interview with Johannes Keller; Shooting of the interview Andrew Burn; 0:00 Introduction 0:50 Vicentino explained 7:10 Interview with Johannes Keller

Petrucci’s biggest flop?

Video blog for Canti C, In the Labyrinth of Revolution, February 26, 2023 (Hosted by Jonas Wolf ; Video shot and edited by Andrew Burn)

Vlog 4 2022

On Grünewald, dreamy viols, and LSD